Month: November 2014

Apocalypse Heights

Something happened in Apocalypse Heights*.

A war, plague or tsunami. An explosion that killed the populace, but left the buildings standing.

Perhaps aliens landed here and took everyone to a remote planet. Some time between 2011, when the census was conducted, and now, 10,990 people were spirited away.

There must be some explanation. Because there’s no one here. Not visible, anyway. Continue reading

Dramatic sky over Maidstone

Three scenes from Maidstone … and Braybrook

Maidstone is the suburb between Braybrook and Footscray, just south of the Maribyrnong river. We walked through Maidstone and Braybrook on an unexpectedly hot spring day.

You don’t see many casual strollers around here. It’s a place of truck depots, wreckers’ yards, car yards, warehouses and vacant land, some of which is earmarked for the inevitable apartments. And cars, cars everywhere, either second-third-fourth hand, or in the form of scrap. Continue reading