A short poem about ghostsigns

DSC_0564 (2) Guest_&_Co

Because you can walk through walls

And saw yourself in half

Because you are the guest who never left

the face we can’t remember

and the name on the tip of our tongue

ckie_mber_ter IMG_2642

Because you are a puzzle’s missing letters

a language whose last speaker has died

a call to a disconnected phone

a ticket to no destination

a kick hanging in space, unmarked

newmans_has_removed mazda_cat

Because Newman’s has removed

to where the pubs are always early closing

the cat grins at nothing

no match sparks a Grey’s

and the fat-thighed Champion loses his boots

Melbourne_Champion-Nick-Gadd IMAG0743

Because you have never lost faith

like a stubborn street preacher

who doesn’t care that no one listens

to your tales of ancient virtue.












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